Sagittarius Woman And Cancer Man

Despite all the differences, the love match can still work but only with some efforts from both. Sagittarius woman has to become a little responsible while Cancer man will have to be a bit more adventurous for the relationship to work. Cancer man desires attachment while Sagittarius woman desires independence and freedom. It is not in any way the easiest of the matches. Combination of water and fire is rather confusing in nature and despite having stimulating potentialities it may not work until they accept each other as they are.

Cancer Woman And Sagittarius Man

Chances of success in the relationship are even lower in case of Cancer woman and Sagittarius man. Initially they may feel attractions with each other due to his outgoing and adventurous personality and her passionate and sensitive nature. But with the passage of time both will start feeling that the relation is getting over their nerves. Sagittarius man’s flirtatious nature will make Cancer woman nervous and feel unprotected.

Cancer And Sagittarius Compatibility

When Cancer meets Sagittarius it is water meeting fire, two completely opposite elements who have little in common. A number of personality differences mark the relationship. Sagittarius is not as attached to family and home as the Cancer is and this results in many clashes coming up in the relationship. Cancer needs security and stability while Sagittarius needs freedom and has an outgoing nature. The love match is a very difficult one.

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